• I can't remember why I deleted those different 39-49 measures ?

I used a repeat sign to add those measures.

• The final sheet is 1,5 page. The 1 - 47 part is repeated, and the end (49 - 63) is again the beginning with until 59 and then 'the end'.

The video 3 starts at measure 42.

The video is measure is measure 16 - 42

• This is the audio of the original sound file, transposed to C.

You can play together to practise, that is fun to do:

remark: Thad Fiscella plays 'ad libitum', making the notes slower and faster than the sheet sys to

• Tip: Keep using pencil and numbers, also professionals do, this is my sheet 🙂:

• Annie 1: Measure 1 - 16

• Annie 0.1: Measure 1 - 16, played as the original cd file, but in C in stead of Db:

Choosing the right fingers is very important. You have to be comfortable, and consider what is best. Always work with a pencil when studying a piano piece! You can copy mine, but that is not necessary, since your hands are different shaped. That is why I don't notate them on the pdf in the first place.

Use the bridge symbol to when fingers are crossing:

Question: are you going to play this version are do you need a simplificated one?

(Annie 0)

• First remark: the sheet is not the same as what you hear here https://youtu.be/1ZiJR6o3LMM

the sheet starts here https://youtu.be/1ZiJR6o3LMM?t=102 but also this part is not the same.

• About the 5b: listen to this beginning: AnnieBegin.mp3

Is this okay to you or does it sound strange?

• No, I didn’t shortened the sheet. I’m talking about the sheet you sent me. It is not the same as the video.

The mp3 is played without the 5b, (compare with the original, you will hear the difference)

You can play it this way, it will be easier. Therefore I will make another sheet. And yes, I’ll make a video with the fingers.

• It would be interesting for you to help making the new sheet together with me. Then you can ‘correct’ and search for the right deeper notes. It is fun to do, and educational 😉.
Can you install the free application musescore: https://musescore.org/en/download  on a laptop or desktop? (not on a tablet or smartphone!)

• 😳 Okay, I get your problem about the lower notes. I just played it wrong haha. 😳 Here is the right one: AnnieB

Superb that you noticed it, those students are the best!!

• This is the sheet without the 5b's, as played in the mp'3:

Not all measures are good, you will agree... Together with the original sound file we will search for a good version.

About the 5 b's: I transposed the original scale Db (5b's) to the scale of C (no b or #)

More about key's: https://www.musictheory.net/lessons/24

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