I'm Annemie Van Riel and I am a piano teacher. I like to share my knowledge about music on this website.
I create piano sheets of all kinds of music because I couldn't find the right stuff I wanted to use. And because it's fun to do.

Many questions appeared doing this about rhythm, scales, the meaning of solfege, the difference between classical and modern music, etc.

The sheets are transformed into videos, audio files and midi files. You can use what you want. Someone gave me this description of how he studies the piano. I invite you to do the same:

"I am able to read sheet music, but I am not able to translate the notes to a piano. I only watch your videos, giving attention to what your hands do, checking the lower part of your videos so that not a single note passes by unnoticed. I took a lot of time to get to know the instrument, often times sitting in front of it for hours repeating the same new chord or idea until a picture forms in my mind. Chords form visual patterns for me, not by any means associated with notes or music theory, but only with sound. That's because your videos are an optimal way for me to learn new pieces."

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