• The piece sounds very 'simple'. But there are other notes in the piece which I don't understand yet how to play them.
As in measure 22. Is it with or without the e's? I can't reach the bass notes properly, can I leave them?:

About the left hand fingering of the measure 17 fragment:

These are two options to play the notes of the C and Em chords in measures 17-18.
The second way my hand is switching earlier to the place of the next chord by using another finger:

• In my ears the original is more like this:

• And the next day I discovered that I had to add these red notes:

• A version with two hands, but not satisfying totally:

• The beautiful version of Richard McVeigh, but your left hand needs to reach G - D - Bb (measure 49), mine doesn't:

The version of Richard Mc Veigh, but with an option for small hands in measure 49:

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