This one is amazing:

What to do with a hurting right hand: You should try to relax the hurting muscle while playing, it's difficult but kind of this: try to unclench, to release the muscle that hurts while playing: the hurting muscle of your hand is probably too strained (because of the difficulty of what he's doing), and in fact you can reach the same speed without that tention in your hand. It's not easy, it's kind of yoga minded thing. It's rather a good sport coach or kinesist that could help in stead of a piano teacher... Another thing is to try to play it in another way. Normally you have to move your hand as little as possible (only the fingers) but maybe this time some hand moves could help:

In the second part my hand is kind of more flowing on the rhythm, perhaps it helps to remove the tention of the hurting muscle. I think Nils Frahm is doing it too. Here you can study his movements. His fingers are moving quite a lot too. Perhaps that will help. It's a kind of choreography for your hand that you should figger out and attach to your playing.

Don't give up too soon. But realize that some hands are just too small or 'wrong shaped' to play what they would like to. Not everyone is made to be a basketball player either.

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