About the giant masterpiece More, Nils Frahm

The sheet is only the skeleton of the original, since the echo's and samplers are really missing and essential.

This is an adapted version: https://youtu.be/AVtXeTJlVhc

• First, all I found in that beautiful chaos was this 4 measure pattern... I studied this one too.

• You could try to play the echoes, they don't sound as they are in the original. The echo comes a little earlier, before the beat.

Another example:

I never ever thought I would doubt about a G# major or a C# major, and here I am. How is that possible?

• Since I posted the first sheet I had to make a new update. Nils Frahm doesn't play the chord that connects the main pattern. It is 'just' a delay. This came clear by a remark of someone who noticed that it is a tough chord to play properly. The problem is solved: don't play it!

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