The numbers as in measure 33 (54, 2:00) are the seconds and minutes in the music file.
I chose 4/4 like this:

Perhaps it should be this one, one chord in one measure is 'musically spoken' better, but all those 16th's seem so fast...

Or do you prefer this one?

About my sheets: I just notate the notes. No other signs and symbols, at least as little as possible... More about this: About ties and other symbols
It's up to the piano player to add the p's and f's and ritenuto's...

I use the 8 clef, I don't like the 8va sign during all the pages, but the 8 on the clef is rather small, mostly people don't notice it in the first place.
Measure 17 - 32 is the repeat of 1 - 16, except for some parts in the left hand. You can always skip those exceptions to make it easier, you can ask me for such a sheet if you want.

The finished version is 5 pages. I prefer the 4/2. I can't figure out the left hand of measure 97, 3d and 4th beat. You can hear that the master himself messes up the playing at that moment -oops- and I 'm not sure what it should be. Perhaps the first 2 beats are supposed to be repeated. The left hand g in measure 93 is a bit strange too, because nowhere else is that pattern used.