Measures 17 - 20 are in fact the same as 21 - 24, but Agnes Obel plays them different, you don't have to imitate all those variations if you dont want to:

• This are the lyrics, but in - she doesn't use the last verse:

Oh my one, I'm so happy
That you've got so far
I know the good, the great
Is working you like a charm.

Oh my one, rushing away
With a bag full of bones
I know the place you left
Still won't leave you alone.

The crow, the cat, the bird and the bee
I'm sure they would agree
That my one is falling for tricks,
Smoke and mirrors playing your wit.

A hue and cry waiting to blow
Under your skin, wherever you go
Still I wish that I knew
The taste of something that good.

• She sings something else on 2:22. Something as:

Oh my one I,m ?? bay
alone without you again
still you wander where you've been
lost for ever again

This 2:22, is measure 85 on the pdf.

The voice doesn't follow the beat (see dotted notes). That's very beautiful, sounds like Obel is kind of drunk:

But I should play the beats on the piano, it's hard to imitate the voice:

I jumped an octave at some places: