Tom Odell is extremely good. It is not easy to find out what he plays exactly.

This is the end of the song, starting from 3:45, lyrics "It's the same old conversation..."

Thereby he put many extra notes, and much more complicated rhythms. But they are not 'essential'.You can delete them if you want to.

Here is the whole song, I split up in three parts:

Part 1 is until 1:43 

Part 2 from 1:43 until 3:43

Part 3 is from 3:43 until the end, as the first video you already had (july 8)I changed the second chord and the the 0:44 chordPlease feel free to play the first version, as you like. 

• Following the patterns you don't have to play every exact detail,I mean: you can play this from part 2 at the same way in part 3 at this moment

Here I show you why it is difficult to find the right notes in a chord, especially the rich chords (with many notes) of Tom Odell... (and I needed some time)Beautiful bridge, BTW!